GRP Lining

Our expert team applies cutting-edge techniques to install GRP linings for various industrial applications. GRP lining provides superior corrosion resistance and durability, making it an ideal choice for protecting surfaces in challenging environments.

▪ Extending the life cycle of the existing
tanks beyond their conventional life by
installing a ‘tank within a tank’.
▪ Cost on average approximately 10%
the cost of replacing a tank (or an
effective saving of 90%).
▪ Completely and seamlessly seal the
cracks, leaks and flaking materials.
▪ Providing excellent resistance to most
aggressive chemicals and is ideal for
wastewater treatment facilities.
▪ Custom molded and experienced
craftmanship is highly offered to keep
the integrity and life of the tank.

▪ Resin
▪ Glass mat fiber 450-650 GSM
▪ Catalyst
▪ Corners – additional GRP strips in
all corners and joints
▪ Final Gelcoat
▪ Thickness as per requirement and
QCS 2014 Standard

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