About us

Technical Inspection Services

Technical Inspection Services (TIS) is a progressive company dedicated to serving Qatar Construction Industry by providing innovative products and solutions that cater to the evolving needs of this dynamic sector.

At TIS, we take pride in offering high-quality water storage tanks, designed for various applications, including domestic, fire-fighting, waste/sewage water, irrigation purposes etc.

Our expertise extends to providing Third-Party Inspection and Certification services, covering a broad spectrum of equipment categories and operator assessments, ensuring safety and operational efficiency.TIS is certified by the Qatar Civil Defense Department (QCDD), reflecting our capability to offer Annual Maintenance Services for Fire Fighting Systems and all types of AC Services. 

TIS offers a comprehensive solution for your water storage requirements. Offering a variety of water tanks that are utilized globally, whether for industrial, commercial, or residential purposes. These tanks can be tailored to meet the specific preferences of our clients or adapted to suit site-specific conditions. Furthermore, all of the water tanks we provide have received approval from Qatar Civil Defense and other relevant local authorities with jurisdiction.

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional services, use business to inspire and
execute the most exemplary engineering solutions to our clients.

Our Vision

To establish our reputation as the primary preference among all clients and to operate as a consortium of companies united under a single entity.